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HOSCO began in 2010. Its first cooperative product was “Kurbiskernol” Pumpkin Seed Oil.


Increase the economic viablity of the careers in the local food system, creating careers around culinary arts, food aggregation and distribution, ultimately improving the quality of the people within the community.

Having lived in Austria on a 100 hectare pumpkin farm. During this time I learned the techniques of producing seed oils and wanted to bring this knowledge back to the local St. Louis community to empower other individuals into developing their own products. We soon began training others in the local community on the process of pressing seed oils and then how to sell these oils to provide an income by developing their own products. 


To create a community operated commercial vegetable and fish farm with a crtong Farm-to-Fork program by incorporating local, sustainably grown food sources, combined with local jobs trainning and entrepreneurship programs.


HOSCO has established several partnerships in order to address food access and lack of jobs within the St. Louis area. Through these partnerships we are looking to leverage existing collaborations to provide greater food access, training and job creation

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