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NOURISH AG (Natural Organic Urban Resource Incubator for Sustainable Health)


Our DOL Certified, agriculture and culinary apprenticeship training curriculums encourage students to explore the development of sustainable cooperative communities through his/her participation in our fully integrated cooperative model: HOSCO, NOURISH culinary school and COPIA, our online grocery cooperative. The entire program is immersed in a full scale aggregation, production and distribution cooperative system. Students learn how to plant and grow food, create packaged foods through bulk processing, and develop business models to assess product pricing, sales, inventory tracking, marketing, package labeling and more. This is beneficial to students that desire to move toward self-sufficiency. Students leverage an advantage by using the North Sarah Food Hub facility to test their ideas and receive direct market research through public and private event samplings.   

Culinary: ACF professional CC®, CPC®, CSC®, or CWPC® certification 

Agriculture: Department of Labor Organic Agriculture Certificate

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