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At HOSCO we believe that sustainable living is the best path out of poverty. Sustainable Living can be achieved by using only the necessary resources to sustain life on the planet without depleting or damaging those resources. HOSCO focuses on not only providing training for this through sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, year round growing

Agricultural Consulting

Our Agricultural consultants or offer advice, support and solutions to our clients to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Our clients are:

  • farmers;

  • growers;

  • landowners;

  • conservation organizations;

  • public bodies;

  • other agricultural businesses in manufacturing and services.


Although we provide problem-solving approaches, we usually consult on technical or business matters.

Alternative Energy Systems Consulting


HOSCO provides alternative energy consulting for companies looking to lower their costs of energy. We can provide systems design for radiant flooring or solar. More recently we have been working with a South Korean company to bring waste plastic energy systems to the US market helping to reduce the amount of waste plastic on the planet and unlocking the potentia energy stored within waste plastic. The current system we are looking to introduce a 200,000 Kcal burner that can be fed 23kg-25kg of waste plastic fuel pellets per hour. The system will produce 30Kw of electricity and 800,000 BTU of thermal output of heat at 91.8% efficiency. Our goal is to began training on installation of these systems and install several for uses in Agricultural, Medical, Educational and Government facilities.

Entrepreneurship Consulting


HOSCO provides a true path towards entrepreneurship through our cooperative training model. We offer a number of training models that will get you started in learning to become an entrepreneur. Our focus is not only providing you with the skills needed for jobs within the food industry, but also providing you with the skills needed to get you started in running your own business. We work closely with universities and professional businesses to provide you with the right information, knowledge and hands on training to get you on the right track. Click on our training link to find out what programs are available.

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