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HOSCO offers several extensive training courses to prepare you for a number of careers. Whether you've just graduated highschool or recently been laid off we can help you with your career path. Our job training program will help get you on the right track. We've forged partnerships with universities, businesses and organizations in order to offer you a wide variety of choices.


A 12 week intensive agricultural and culinary business incubator. Individuals learn how to grow and make local products while learning entrepreneurship through direct hands on food business operations. Students learn how to operate one of several local business in agriculture or culinary and contract food service. Once students graduate, HOSCO and it's partners will provide resources and support for graduates to operate a community owned local food business with HOSCO and cooperative partners.


Learn from university cooperative extension specialists as well as professionals and experts allowing a real hands on opportunity to acquire the skills needed to be employed or perhaps even starting your own business. Each student that completes the course will receive a Sustainable Agriculture Certificate of Completion. Agri-Culinary students will receive ServSafe Certification. Select students will also have placement opportunities at local fine dining or catering companies. Agriculture students will have the opportunity to receive placement within one of HOSCO agriculture cooperatives making value added products,.

We now offer a Personal Investment Strategies course featuring an introduction to Blockchain and trading and investments in digital currencies. This program will teach you the basics of blockchain followed by instruction on investing in digital currencies, how to analyze digital currencies  for investments, strategies for investments, creating your own digital currency, ICO investing, setting up digital wallets, safekeeping of digital assets, digital asset management building a diverse portfolio of liquid digital assets.

Sustainable Agriculture

Economic stability from local food production


Microgreen Growing  
Managing Soil Fertility 
Integrated Pest Management
Irrigation Design
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)   



Sustainable Ag Systems Design .



160 Hrs. for completion of training


Edible Landscaping

Landscaping & Design


Soil Management

Ornamental plant propagation 
Design and Development
Product Sourcing 
Annuals and Perrenials Planting
Polinators, Pests and Beneficials
Edible Landscaping
Irrigation Design and Installation
Tool Safety




160Hrs. for completion of training

Food Distribution

Become a part of how food get to your plate.


Food Handling

Logistics & Management 
Product Sourcing 
Cold and Heat chain management
Order Tracking and Fulfillment
Warehouse Management







160Hrs. for completion of training

Catering and Culinary

Learn to prepare fine cuisine

Value Added Products

Learn to prepare and package foods

Personal Investment 
Digital Currency Investment as a Career

Safely prepare food in a kitchen

Layout of the kitchen
Knife Skills

Food Processing
Saute Method

Function of sauces

Simple stock based reduction sauce

Potato Cookery



Program Costs:

$31.25/Hr + Materials

160 Hrs. for completion of training

ServSafe Certification


Raw Organic Products Procurement
Natural Preservatives Development
HAACP Writing and Safety Procedures
Mincing & Macerating Techniques

Liquification and Emulsification

Pickling and Canning

Seed oil pressing and bottling procedures

FDA labeling requirements

Product Marketing & Sales



Program Costs:


160Hrs. for completion of training

ServSafe Certification


Introduction to Blockchain

Financial Literacy

Exchange Trading

Make bids/offers to buy/sell digital currencies.

Buying or Selling Digital Currencies

Agree on buying or selling prices at optimal levels for clients.

Identify or pursue investment strategies related to the green economy, including renewable energy markets, or clean technology investment opportunities.


Program Costs:


160 Hrs. for completion of training

Blockchain Certification

Food Cooperative Incubator WIOA
12 Week Rotations


13-1151.00  Training and Development Specialists

35-1012.00  First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers

45-1011.07  First-Line Supervisors of Agricultural Crop and Horticultural Workers

11-9013.02  Farm and Ranch Managers

25-9021.00  Farm and Home Management Advisors

35-3021.00  Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers

13-1021.00  Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products

11-9013.03  Aquacultural Managers

41-3031.03 - Securities and Commodities Traders


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