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This course is designed for students who have a strong interest in food and beverage operations and who may be considering a career as an entrepreneur.


Under the supervision of the instructor, professional restaurnt owners and using student-developed case studies, students visit and analyze various independently owned and corporate restaurant operations. Analysis covers, but is not limited to, the restaurant's concept (market), organization, ownership, management, physical structure, staff, front-of-the-house operations, back-of-the-house operations, and fiscal integrity.


Readings about current topics in the restaurant industry are required. Classes alternate weekly between field trips (2:30 p.m. through dinner hour) and seminars/case presentations.


Students completing the course will have the opportunity to become a coop member and work with other members running a cooperative restaurant. This restaurant will be in collaboration with SLU Dietetics and Nutrition program and provide students with the skills needed to work within a commercial kitchen wither preparing foods, developing menus or cooperative management of operations.


The Chef Entrepreneur Program delivers real world knowledge and teaches the skills & principles of effective leadership, to enrich one’s mind and thinking process for successful operations and business management.

This program is for those who have gained knowledge or experience in HOSCO'S AGRI-CULINARY or Food Production programs and wish to further their knowledge in the planning and monitoring of operations and staff within the Kitchen & Restaurant environment.

This qualification covers the supervision of food safety, food production, menu planning and control, including global influences and resource management.

Completion of this qualification helps one to progress into a supervisory post within the Food Production industry or even become a successful Chef Entrepreneur.


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