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Support you community by learning to raise fish sustainably.

According to US State Department, water shortages threaten to reduce the global food supply by 10% in the next 25 years. Growth of agriculture productivity is not keeping up with the population increases in poverty-stricken areas. The global food supply must increase by 50% to meet the world’s demand by 2030. (Bureau of Public Affairs, 2009). When you take in to account our main pollinator the bee is responsible for 1/3 of the crops in the world is dying at an alarming rate the outlook for the future looks grim. Together we can do something about this.


Aquaponics is a means to directly counteract and address food security and water shortages. This project will unleash the potential of aquaponics technologies, practiced by HOSCO FOODS, LLC. (a Saint Louis, Missouri based company through a social mission aimed at capacity building and workforce development) to low income citizens—who will be able to produce affordable toxin free nutritious vegetables and fish for consumption and sale. The aim is to provide low income citizens with an easy means of obtaining Aquaponic fish and vegetable growing kits for home and school use and for large scale cooperative production in an urban setting. The long- term goal is that individual citizens and cooperatives will be empowered to directly address food security issues through sustainable aquaponics.


The workshop teaches students from low-income neighborhoods with a unique hands-on international experience centered on global health and sustainability issues, both as service-learning project designers/consultants for HOSCO during the spring semester. 

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