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The Agriculture Culinary Arts program targets the issue of food access ad proper diet and nutrition. This training incorporates sustainable agriculture training an culinary arts training into one program.


Beginning with Agriculture students will learn to design growing systems that will reduce the cost of food for families while earning income through growing micro greens and baby leafy greens in a controlled environment. 


This Culinary Arts job training program will prepare students for the beginnings of a rewarding career in the culinary world. Students will receive training in basic job skills/requirements while receiving hands-on training in food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation principles in a real time commercial kitchen.  In order to maximize the students’ efficiency while learning the industry’s standard in safety training, students will receive 12-hours of training course features instructor led ServSafe® Training Course, including the on-line examination.  The students will be provided the tools needed to identify and prevent food borne illnesses; identify problem areas in the flow of food through-out your operation; and learn to minimize risk factors. In this class, sanitation is presented in a practical, applicable manner, including pest control issues.


Our students will learn that supporting local means far more than buying fresh produce, bread and bakery products, or a delicious meal – it is a personal, tangible investment in the growth and nurturing of people in their own community who demonstrate the daily courage it takes to overcome health and economic problems. We hope to inspire businesses and residents in our community to learn how they can play an active role in community healing – to become part of the solution by banding together and supporting businesses that support our efforts .  Please contact us to see how you can become a student, volunteer or support this program that is offered to students.

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